Allergic rhinitis infographics

This infographic has been developed as part of the Allergy 250K youth project and shows you how to use nasal sprays correctly.

How to use nasal sprays correctly 11. Shake the bottle before each use.

If you are starting a new bottle or you have not used your spray for a while, do a first spray into the air. This will make sure a full dose comes out.

How to use nasal sprays correctly 22. Blow your nose before spraying. If your nose is blocked use a nasal rinse.
How to use nasal sprays correctly 33. Tilt your head slightly forward and gently insert the tip of the nozzle of your spray into your nostril.

Ideally you should use your right hand for your left nostril and your left hand for your right nostril. You do not need to push the nozzle in very far.

How to use nasal sprays correctly 4 4. Aim the nozzle away from the middle or sides of your nose.
How to use nasal sprays correctly 55. Sniff gently at the same time as spraying, but avoid sniffing hard during or after spraying.

If clear fluid drips out of your nose, you need to change the angle of the nozzle or the timing of the gentle sniff. 

If your allergic rhinitis is not improving with the treatments you are using, ask your doctor for a referral to see a clinical immunology/allergy specialist.

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How to use nasal sprays correctly teen

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How to use nasal sprays correctly adult

This project is proudly supported by an independent grant from Sanofi.

Content created March 2022

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