19 October 2021

All about Allergens course gets an update and a new single course for cooks and chefs now available

The National Allergy Strategy’s All about Allergens online training courses provide staff working in the food service sector with free and accessible education about food allergy. All about Allergens courses are available for staff working in general food service, hospitals, schools, children’s education and care, and camps. Visit https://foodallergytraining.org.au to access the courses.


NEW! All about Allergens 2021 

We are excited to offer a new and refreshed 2021 version of All about Allergens.

The original All about Allergens course was developed for workers in any food business to provide essential information about managing customers with food allergy including communication tools, reading labels, and avoiding cross contamination of food allergens when preparing and serving food. It is our most popular course, with over 1000 enrolments per month.

To ensure that the course stays relevant and appealing to the sector, it has undergone a major review. The new version:

  • Is shorter - takes around 45 minutes to complete
  • Is more applicable to food services where staff work both front of house and back of house (kitchen) roles, particularly in café and restaurant chains
  • Is interactive and engaging with information conveyed through videos, images and click through slides
  • Is up to date with the latest evidence-based best-practice and legislation changes such as those recently made to Australian labelling laws
  • Has a simplified final assessment that tests knowledge using straight forward questions.
New AAA 2021

On successful completion, a certificate can be downloaded to forward or print for employers. Certificates of completion from earlier versions of the All about Allergens course are still valid if completed within the last 2 years.

NEW! All about Allergens for Cooks and Chefs

We have listened to the food service sector, and now cooks and chefs only need to complete one course – All about Allergens for Cooks and Chefs. Previously cooks and chefs needed to complete All about Allergens and The next step for cooks and chefs: general food service. Now cooks and chefs can access everything they need to know from one combined course which takes around 1 hour to complete.

New AAA cc

On successful completion, a certificate can be downloaded to forward or print for employers. Certificates of completion from The next step for cooks and chefs course are still valid if completed within the last 2 years.

All about Allergens Resource hub

Everything food workers and food businesses need to help them put best practice food allergen management in place in their workplace is available from the All about Allergens Resource Hub. This includes sample food allergen management policies, audit tools, food allergen menu matrix and standardised recipe templates. Visit https://foodallergytraining.org.au/resources

AAA 2021 Resources Hub 550

The All about Allergens training is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and supports the National Allergy Strategy food service project message that managing food allergies is everyone’s responsibility. 

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